Thursday, February 9, 2012

Judge Away Your Honor!

Lately, i have been wondering a lot about all the judgments we pass around every now and then about so many things, so many people we may or may not know..
Passing judgments has always been a quality we humans have preserved generations after generations.

we judge people on so many different levels..
it can be as harmless as 'the lady from the 3rd floor has no sense of fashion'
or as serious an accusation as 'her husband is a jackass'
to an extra insensitive one as 'my boss is a loner'..

The thing is, most of the times we don't even realize that our judgments are based on some preconceived notions. Judging essentially means to 'assess something against a standard'.
who is to decide this standard?
who is to say whats proper/improper , what is meant to be and what should have been in its stead..

try an Exercise : try not to judge anyone for a day! -- You wont make past your first hour at work!
and u'd shortly begin with your usual,
'that lady there needs sense matching her shoes!'
'oh dear! that blob guy should not be eating that chocolate'
'why did she divorce such an amazing guy!'
'she needs to tune down a bit'

now hold it there and think a little..
probably that is the only pair of shoes she has, probably he is eating that chocolate bar cause of all the stress at work! maybe she had to divorce that 'amazing' guy because he kept on abusing her parents or beating her the hell up! and she was tuned high because she was trying to keep away from her sad thoughts and just go out have some fun!

how does that make u feel?
now this isn't that pretty a picture, is it?
did your judgment ease their pain? did your judgment make u happy ? no it did not! none of it was useful! Then why judge at all?

I hope someday we all rid ourselves of this tedious self assigned task of judging everyone and everything around us and just let them be, let things be the way they are..

we are all just playing the game, no one has been given an extra edge or a headstart or the power to see some transparent script in the air written by the goddess of light indexing things that are meant to be in a particular order.
Just accept them the way they are.
they all are precious.

Lets us all try pausing our judgment machine for a while and try loving people instead for who they are. Let us please try ..

a little 'warning triangle' for all the 'judges' out there : while you are passing your smartypants judgmental comments, people are judging you!

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Liquid Power!

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So i have been to a lot of liquor parties. Parties in GRAND places in Mumbai like The Leela or Mirage where you have rooftops and DJs and real classy crowd around you.. Parties at places where you'll find mostly college crowd, say Pop Tates or Gokul and Parties that are hosted by friends at their homes when parents go out of town mostly thinking, my son will take good care of the house ( LOL! hes gonna drink and dance all over the place!)
One thing I couldn't help but notice is how different people act when they are drunk.
here are a few observations i'd like to share :

- People who usually keep quite, suddenly have this amazing confidence to talk! They yaber yaber about amazing topics, tell truly awesome stories and sometimes, sadly, just talk nonsense (but hey! everybody listening is drunk, who cares!) This phenomenon, slightly exaggerated, is shown (people who watch The Big Bang Theory would know what i am talkin of) when Dr. Rajesh Kuthrapali, an Indian, who cant talk to ladies is shown becoming 'the Ladies Man' when drunk!

- People who are drinking because they are depressed, become more depressed.. some end up crying ( and mostly its because of a love affair! Trust me- 97% of the time, ppl who drink and cry are doing so on account of a failed relationship ) These ppl were probably laughing and joking around before drinking!

- People who laugh a lot usually, end up LAUGHING A LOT MORE after being drunk! These are the ones who are fun to watch! They'd tell the silliest joke but laugh so much themselves that everyone around them then Laughs at them!

- There are those who suddenly become hercules after 3 drinks and who usually wudnt hurt a fly, now want to fight with every one at the bar!

- Then there are people who cant shake a leg before drinking but have a part of Mikey Jakson's spirit inside them after they are drunk( or so they think! cause hey, they dance just as pathetic as they were dancing before..)

- There are people who sit quiet, who talk loudly, who run around, who think of themselves as Bond and take a spoon (which they use as a gun!) in their hand acting like there's an Assassin lurking around! who talk with a british accent or a completely different language.. And among them there is this one caller! the person who calls up people when drunk! This caller person is the one who usually gives the bartender a hug before leaving..

The bottom line is, most of them act stupid when drunk, or they act drunk so they get to do stupid things.
Many claim to have forgotten what they said, who they were with, where they were, what they did and how they got back home.

so does alcohol bring out our true selves?
I wouldn't call Mr. Nasty our "true self". I think he's one piece of our personality, and our true selves have enough wisdom and control to keep him hidden as much as possible... Of course only until we drink...
Alcohol can mean fun party time.. an automatic generator of funny stories to tell.. a way to let inner child out to play for a bit!

Cheers Everyone! Enjoy :-)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life teaches u a lot of things.. but are u a good student?

Got a lot of time to myself this week... 'Bunked' Office 2 days in a row. Don't ask why!

wasted my hours.. Movies, British Sitcoms, playing with and Grooming my Dog and a book- a John Rain Thriller.
Amidst all this, my brain was multitasking.
No matter how busy u keep yourself, there are some things that keep on running in the back of your mind.
The background processing never stops. even if u delay a thread execution, its bound to bounce back for some processing time as soon as your head is empty . and then u don't have an option.

Those threads bugged me this afternoon. so i decided to groom my dog while i make a few decisions and slap myself for a few other things.
Over the years i have learnt to not regret any mistakes that i have done. Be proud of those mistakes. u did them, they have to be special. but at the same time if u dont learn from them then it all has been in vain. Thats where the slap comes in.

"The training is nothing. The will is everything. The will to act." said Ducard in Batman Begins. I couldn't agree more!

So even though u process your thoughts and come up with the best solution there can be, unless you apply it, its never gonna work. The mere understanding doesn't help unless u act upon it.

I slapped myself quite hard. and many times too.
Its my time to act.

I am gonna be a good student now. Am gonna grow, learn and implement.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beautiful Days... Beautiful Times..

Was free the whole day yesterday.. a centipede from a jungle on national highway bit me while i was busy 'clickin' my dog !! DONT ASK!

Anyway i decided to do the never ending job of organizing my lappy last night..
I have an entire drive by the name MEMORIES..
opened it and started organizing photos.. school days, family picnics, My pet Dog, cousin's wedding, reunion pics, birthday parties, sleepovers, there were so many memories in those folders..
though they brought a smile on my face none of them made me feel like i miss those moments until i came across a certain folder..
My engineering life..
Brought a lump in my thorat thinking about how everythng so familiar and awesome has come to an end...
no more train-takshari..
no more classroom comments..
no more mimicry of 'dear' professors..
no more calling them names, deciding whoz 'on the other side of the fence'..
proving your theories about one of the classmates being gay..
No more studying in group for vivas..
no more 'kya bakwas college hai yaar apna'..
staircase masti with juniors..
bunkin lectures and drinkin coffee in canteen..
hiding when you see a prof enter the canteen whoz lecture you were supposed to attend..
Spent so many memorable moments here..
Most of my engineering days were spent fooling around with friends..
teasing, passing comments, discussing movies, those countless smses during lectures..
The list is never ending..

Its overwhelming to think how everythng is going to change hereafter.. A new life awaits all of us.. new office, new friends, THE BOSS.. we do promise each other that we will meet atleast once a month but every senior says 'that never happens' :-(
i just hope things work out in a great way for us and that
someday our paths cross..
someday i hope we get a chance to meet and relive our college days..
someday we go out on one of our treks or go cycling, biking whtever and sing all those made up songs again !
someday we sleepover and discuss those horror stories.. those uncountable linkups... just once again we get to do all that..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Does it really change with time ?

I wish it did!

Just reached home.. i went to see a stage play today.. made me realize things i had tried really hard not to think about..

The conclusion after all the introspection was :

" I Declared a variable final and assigned it a junk value "

With the programming paradigm, a value once assigned to a final variable cant be changed again in your entire program.

i created a variable and assigned it a value many clock cycles back.. but seldom did i realize it was a final variable and the value that i assigned was junk !

My pointer is stuck somewhere in time.. it cant move, i cant reassign it and it keeps pointing to that junk value..

Time changes things they said.. well does it ?? If it did why is the variable still 'final' and why does it keep pointing to the junk value!

Time doesn't change things.. Things change when people decide its time!

But i just cant bring myself to make that decision and at the same time i WANT that change to happen!

Bloody irritating thoughts! my brain processes them at the rate of 1000 per second!
and it adds fuel when something u see makes u think about something that you always try not to think of..

What do u do ? Do u just try to forget everythng and go to sleep like you always do ?
Do u try to type 5 paged sms to send it to a friend and seek help ? and then do u save the message in drafts thinking it wud be impossible for u to explain it to your friend!

Saddest part is when in the morning u meet your friends and they ask you, "why are u so low today? wheres ur energy ?" you have nothing else to say except ," had less sleep "

I dont know what i typed, i might regret it later when they ask me wht was it all about.. but one thing i know for sure is.. i didn't want to save it in 'drafts'...... not this time!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The History To Repeat Itself ??

Now Why do we celebrate Gudhi Padwa ??

Wiki says, " Mythologically, the Gudhi symbolizes Lord Rama’s victory and happiness on returning to Ayodhya after slaying Ravan.
Since a symbol of victory is always held high, so is the gudhi (flag) "

Will the history repeat itself ??
Will we celebrate India's win over Sri Lanka on 2nd April 2011 ??
Will Our Team Hold The Gudhi High ??

We will know that tomorrow :)

Every Indian prayer that God hears tomorrow will be #tagged with #IndiaWinsCWC2011
Lets hope we win this one!!

Charge up with pop-corn and colas guys! Its Gonna be a GOOD GAME :D

Friday, March 25, 2011

AUSome win in the Quarters.. Now,

A very interesting piece of article I read in The Times Of India, made me realize how emotionally we Indians are attached to the game..

Am sure yesterday a lot of BEEPs followed after Gambhir’s foolish run out! We cursed him overlooking the good 50 that he brought us. But, as long as they bring home a win we are fine with it J. My point is we are so passionate about the game, that its almost like we are the ones playing there on the field..

We love the game, we love our players.

Considering the team we played against has WON the WORLD CUP TROPHY thrice, our win was surely an EPIC WIN that qualified us forthe semis!

Our team is doing their best out there. The Men ARE BLEEDING BLUE!

I can imagine the pressure our team will undergo while playing against the Pakistan team on home ground, but then the support of entire crowd there will surely fuel them up! Not to forget the thousands of fans praying for our win J

We did our best to reach from Motera to Mohali.. Now, we target Mumbai!


Many thousands of wishes to the Blue army.. We KNOW you guys will ROCK !!